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NFT Ice Cream Truck

Ice Cream Truck Claim Codes - Purchased by Collections for their Holders

Ice Cream Truck Claim Codes - Purchased by Collections for their Holders

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Tired of boring whitelist giveaways? The Ice Cream Truck cards aren’t just a cool collectible for your holders. They also serve as an access key to our decentralized app (DAPP), a token for irl verification of your holders (think check-in at your events), and mechanisms for future rewards pools. The DAPP we are building will allow collections to not only communicate and engage with its holders outside of Discord, but also reward holders for taking action like completing onboarding steps, staking, sharing, and referring the project far and wide. For more info on our DAPP and future roadmap, please see our main website here:

As an NFT creator, you can buy blocks of card claim codes for your holders. You pay for the cards on behalf of your holders and we delight them by delivering an Ice Cream Card of their NFT in your collection directly to their mailbox. There is no additional cost to the holder except and shipping is included in your purchase price.

Alternatively, we can also set up a promo code for your holder group. This eliminates the need to distribute claim codes individually. If you’re interested in this option, please contact us here:


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Cards are connected with an NFC chip and are the same size as a normal credit card. 3.5"x2". The NFC Chip can be tapped with an NFC enabled smartphone. Each card is durable made from PVC Plastic and available in 3 colors, white, silver, gold.


✅ Validates Ownership
✅ Collectible Card
✅ Shares Collection
✅ Official Project Links
✅ Collection Meta
✅ Cross Chain SOL/ETH


Cards are custom printed 1/1 art and will ship in 2-4 business days after ordering.