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Create your web3 persona, showcase your digital collectibles, integrate videos, and interact with your followers, all using a single link in your bio.

By utilizing blockchain technology and a smart contract, you have complete ownership over your All of the relevant information is stored on the blockchain and through the use of the IPFS network, your data is securely verified by a digital collectible on the Etherium Blockchain Network.
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By claiming your you not only secure your username on chain, you also secure WhiteList for the Digital Collectible to secure it all.

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    Secure your WhiteList and start using your today. We are working on the Smart Contract and when ready you can make the link yours forever.

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    Our mint day is coming, our developers are working hard on a secure smart contract on the Etherium Network to provide your access pass to a decentralized web.

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    By becoming a BombPop Holder, you will be granted entry into the Ice Cream Truck ecosystem, where you get access to the necessary tools to thrive in a decentralized world.

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No Coding Required!

Connect your Twitter, Twitch, TikTok, Instagram, website, store, videos, music, podcast, events and more. It all comes together in a link in bio landing page designed to convert.

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Make the best first impression!

Get ready to show off your professional services, skills and digital collectibles with a personalized twist! Flaunt your custom NFC card and web2/web3 identity like a boss, highlighting your most amazing web2/web3 accomplishments and your digital collectibles/creations. It's time to let your digital personality shine in the most professional of ways and have some fun while doing it!

Share effortlessly!

Easily share your information, social media accounts and professional services with just one tap on their bluetooth enabled phone. There’s no need for additional apps that clutter your device. Impress them with all of your accomplishments, creations, professional products/services and digital collectibles in the process! Whether in the office, at an IRL event (or) on-the-go; is the easiest and most technologically impressive way to share yourself and your professional background with others.

Own your link forever!

Expand your audience and showcase your talents with It's hassle-free with no additional apps to download or monthly service fees. Your content is protected on the blockchain, best of all you own it and no centralized corporation controls it. All of your information is stored safely on a web3 IPFS decentralized server. Try it today and see for yourself why is your best online bio option!

  • Standard NFC Card

    Our standard card is a secure NFC enabled card that showcases the NFT of your choice. You can choose from 3 card colors, orientation and more!

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  • Your Design

    Create your own custom NFC enabled card both front and back to showcase your Web3 personality or Business. All cards are (84mm x 54mm) in size.

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  • Whole Team?

    Are you a project founder? Need IRL cards for your DAO? Want to print cards for your companies sales team?

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